28 Days

Video Still from 28 Days
Video still from 28 Days
Video still from 28 Days
Installation of 28 Days with Countdown 28 at play_station

As women we are taught from a young age that there is something wrong with our bodies simply because they are female. We are monitored continuously, searching for ‘the problem’, while being taught to correct or hide the perceived failure.

In 28 Days a naked woman places 28 post-it notes on the wall in a grid, 7 across and 4 down, to represent a menstrual cycle. However, the post-it’s keep falling off the wall. The woman continues the performance until all the post-its stay on the wall. Within seconds of walking away from the completed task the post-its start to fall again.

The woman is attempting to conform to a standard but is found lacking. Installed at play_station, 28 days is monitored by Countdown 28, standing near by.

video, 9 min 33 sec, 2017


where our bodies hit the worldplay_station, Wellington, NZ, 2017