Untitled (Cross Stitch)

Untitled (Cross Stitch #2), multimedia, 255 x 255mm, 2009
Untitled (Cross Stitch), 2009, multimedia, 18 at 255 x 255mm
Installed at Massey University
Installed at Enjoy

Untitled (Cross Stitch) comes from a larger body of work entitled ‘Spinning in my Mother’s Garden: a search for subjectivity‘. This research looked into the possibility of female subjectivity in a society based in patriarchy. Navigating feminist thought through equality, difference and androgyny and considering the theories of Irigaray, Derrida, Kristeva and others.

Multimedia, 18 at 255 x 255 mm, 2009

A4 sheets of coloured paper (blue, red, pink, yellow and green) have been cut into 4cm wide strips of paper. The strips have been shuffled together. As a strip is removed from the resulting pile, it’s corresponding colour is cross stitched into the next square of the grid. Each square is made up of 5 x 5 cross stitches; each grid is made up of 10 x 10 squares. The series continues.


Spinning in My Mother’s Garden, MFA Graduation Show, Massey University, Wellington, NZ, 2010
Role. Play, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, NZ, 2009

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