Untitled, digital image, 941 x 1116 mm, 2005

Untitled comes from a body of work examining the often conflicting pressures that society puts on its members. Not only dictating and defining modes of living, whether that be having children, a career, getting married or all of the above, but also dictates and defines how we will present ourselves while doing so. An obvious source of these pressures is the media and advertising, but more sinister and least expected comes from family and friends. How are we living up to these expectations?

Although Untitled was not intended to be a self-portrait I have drawn on my own experience of the world and used my own image as a resource. The larger body of work includes video and audio pieces that come together in installations, invoking institutionalisation, the uncanny and woman alone.


Double, Blue Oyster, Dunedin, NZ, 2007


Double Catalogue